Canon 5D Mark II

I have received the Canon 5D Mark II which I will be using as my primary camera body for the Art Corps Documentary project.   I have done some tests with it and needless to say am very happy with what I see so far.

Upgrading to a full frame I thought would be a negligible change, however, especially when I use my wide angle 16mm-35mm f/2.8 full frame is a great improvement.   The ISO range is definitely one of the most important upgrades for me as a photographer/videographer because now with the extended high ISO range I can shoot great quality photos in very low light with almost no noise.

I have only done a couple video tests but from what I have seen already I need some practice getting used to focusing while shooting (take note that I currently am without a tripod and therefore have to use the camera handheld while focusing – not an easy task).

Sample Image:

Quintay - a coastal town west of Santiago on the Pacific coast of Chile.

Next Step: Find a good quality, affordable microphone for the 5D Mark II – from what I have read so far the Sennheimer MKE 400 is a safe bet.  Let me know if you have any other tips for Audio Recording with the 5D mark II.


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