January 15th is coming up very quick.  I am in Montreal right now finalizing some last minute details for my trip south, insurance, immunizations and as always there is some piece of equipment missing.  I have managed to see friends and family to say goodbye and they all are extremely supportive and excited to see where this journey takes me, and this has really intensified my own feelings towards the trip.

I fly into Guatemala City on the 15th and stay the night to then meet up with the Art Corps Regional Program Manager, Rafael Ayala Alvarado, and the Artists who have been selected for the 2010 session through Art Corps.  We are then heading an hour and a half out of the city to stay in and around Antigua for a ten day training and orientation session.  During this session the artists will be introduced to their respective NGO’s and begin planning the years schedule and projects.  My job will be to document this session – and in this time come up with a tentative schedule for myself – where and when I will be where in the three countries of interest – El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala.

After the training session, the artists depart to spend the rest of the year in their assigned communities, where they will work with NGO’s to establish unique and creative programs to use art as a tool for social engagement and inspiration.  I will head to San Salvador with Rafael to find someone to live for the year – somewhere safe where I can keep equipment and set up a mobile editing suite.   This will be my home base for the year.


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