San Pedro de las Huertas

Back in Antigua now, semi rested and my mind still processing the last few days – not to mention I have come down with the first of what I am sure will be a series of stomach flu’s this year.  Yay!

This weekend, ArtCorps artists were relocated to various communities in close proximity to Antigua.   For simplicity I was assigned to only one, San Pedro de las Huertas with Laura Smith and Amy Glasser – the two Americans working with ArtCorps this year.   We stayed with a family – Los Robles.   The two oldest sons Hector and Carlos were there to meet us, and help the Artists integrate as best as possible, meeting with the students who were to take part in the various workshops of the weekend.  I had many opportunities to talk with both Hector and Carlos and hopefully will be able to meet up with them later this year to interview them properly – their enthusiasm, involvement in the community as well as their tremendous entrepreneurial spirits were such a delight to experience.  Hector, the oldest, owns his own fast food restaurant on the opposite side of Antigua and is very involved in the community, I see him delving into politics in the near future – and Carlos is finishing a degree in film studies in Guatemala City and has already produced a few documentaries.

The three days were spent with local children participating in various activities and planning and in the end performing a puppet show for over 200 people at a Cultural Center in Antigua on Sunday.  I did not realize how much I would actually be involved in such activities upon my arrival in Guatemala in respect to the actual work of the artists, however I quickly realized that it would be hard to avoid it – it is addictive.   I am learning so much not only about my skills as a photographer and videographer but also as an artist of communication and education.

Clare Dowd, the Executive Director of ArtCorps, arrived on friday and I finally had a chance to meet her.  She seems very excited about my work and the year in general – she is such a nice person and extremely open and passionate about her work.

Tomorrow is our last day in Antigua – still a bit up in the air as to how logistics are working though I think I will be heading to El Salvador with Rafa, Laura, and Marta.   Upon my arrival I ill have a bit of administration to take care of such as looking for somewhere to live, setting up a bank account (for my non mentionable overseas activities)  – (if someone important is reading this, thats a joke) and simply establish myself in the city and find my bearings.

I am very anxious to get started on my tour to visit each artist.  They are all very excited to receive me as well and some have even spoke about things we will do while I am there, excursions and the like.   I will start posting artist profiles once I arrive back to base from my first tour, as I want to get photos of them in the field.

Anyways, not feeling my best so I will cut this post here…  Here are some photos from our visit to San Pedro de las Huertas.


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  1. marjorie

    Oh Galen – looks like the stomach bug brought our more informative pros. Lets see if you can get me hooked !! I generally avoid the laptop but I am kinda interested in your diary. No mean feat for a Luddite like me.

    Lets see you bring out the humour too. I don;t get much chance to laugh, so I am relying on you for an occasional quip.



    January 25, 2010 at 19:48

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