Camera Maintenance 101

My trip to Apaneca was great, however I learned a little about one of the variety of conditions I will have to deal with on this project – dust.   El Salvador at this time of the year (dry season) is extremely dusty.   Red earth, a very very fine type of soil, dries quickly and when pulverized into powder, gets air born easily.  This fine powder settles on everything, my brown leather boots looked like they had rusted after 5 minutes – I wish I had taken a picture.   Needless to say, I just finished a thorough cleaning of all my equipment, which I was surprised to find did not collect as much dust as I was expecting – a good thing.

The next condition I will have to face is humidity – extreme, tropical rainforest humidity.   The north of Honduras is very humid even in the dry season and I am packing a couple large packs of silica gel just incase.   My trip is not long, however one or two days in 100% humidity is enough to get some serious condensation going.


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