San Cristobal Verapaz

I am still on the road in Guatemala, currently in the highlands of Alta Verapaz visiting with Amy Glasser, an artist from Chicago working in the area with Fundenor (an NGO for economic and social development in the northern mountain regions of Guatemala.

This post will be short because internet is slow, and im paying for it.  I will be back at base next week and will be posting a lot of new developments in my work, life, and thoughts.  Stay tuned.  I must say however that this spot, and the rest of what I have seen of Guatemala is gorgeous..  from thick tropical rain forest, to temperate mountain farmland, to the intense psychedelic colors of the art and culture.  I have not figured out how to summarize my thoughts on this magical and diverse place yet, maybe I never will, but its starting to burn an image in my mind that probably wont fade quickly.

Kalem  – Poqomchi for Hello  – I wish I knew how to say goodbye as it would be more suited for the end of a letter.


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