A long time coming…new developments in Central America

It has been a long time since my last entry.  I have been very busy doing some experimenting.   I have so much going on at the moment that it feels difficult to sift through my thoughts to write anything coherent.

To begin, things with ArtCorps are still very strong, I recently returned from my third set of visits with artists in Guatemala and Honduras.  I feel very good about the quality of work I am producing as it seems to me at least to be improving.  I always have to remind myself in times of severe aggravation in the field that I am a one man team, and that taking on the jobs of various team members that usually do what I am doing will result in some mishaps during production.  The learning curve is steep and I learn quick, new techniques to make some task easier… I sometimes feel like early humans might have felt when someone would say, “hey!, check it out I’m actually WEARING this mammoth fur and it’s keeping me super warm!” – or something like that.

Anyways, I have focused and worked a lot on my video productions lately.  I have made a short promotional video for a theatre group that Cristian Beltran, ArtCorps artist, helped start.   This group of young adults and teenagers were so enthusiastic.  To see young people who are surrounded by idle life and a lack of stimulation be so proactive was such an amazing experience for me.  To see something so subtly powerful first hand and realize its importance is a great feeling.  Here is the video that I made for them – it will be posted up on their facebook page.


The second big development is that the movie I had mentioned that was in the works, has now turned into a larger project that I originally intended.   We have decided to push production to Feb/March of 2011 and that we would be aiming for a feature-length film.   I will write more about the specifics of the movie in much more detail with another post at a later date.   Here is a teaser that myself and Director/Writer threw together in a few days.  It is merely intended to tease the idea of the production and gives the basic tone of the movie.   The actual production (if all goes as planned) will be better quality visually as we will be shooting everything with professional equipment and tripods and fluid camera movements.   Here is the teaser:


I should have a promotional video about ArtCorps up in the next couple weeks as well as another teaser for the “Art for Change” documentary.   I need to think about timing but my idea at the moment is to look for some partners to help produce this documentary and maybe even expand past Central America to incorporate other creative people from around the world who are also engaged in art for social change and justice initiatives.  I hope to find some interested people who might be willing to contribute or help with the production of the film.  I may be able to make a decent film on my own, but I know it can be great if the proper resources are pooled.


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