Some thoughts, ArtCorps Blog Post

I am learning so much every day, in terms of my own creative talents, my faults and weaknesses, how to overcome them and improve them, as well as about life in general.  Spending time with the artists as well as other acquaintances I have met along the way, has opened up a new world to me.   One of pure inspiration, where no motives other than a search to quench the thirst of experience and to share that experience with your neighbors.

Trying to reach everyone in such a sprawled out area is tough with limited funds and just me as the production team.  I struggle to juggle sound, image and content quality all at the same time but it most definitely has made me learn fast and learn how to adapt to thinking on the fly.  This has already been an invaluable experience for me and the rest of the year should be even more so if not the same.

Although each artist works in his or her own unique part of this region of Central America, there is one common denominator I have come to notice across the board: real life examples of communities finding the inspiration to lift themselves up and aim for the stars.  Two days ago, I witnessed a group of youth in San Andres, Peten (northern Guatemala) perform acts of a play they had recently performed in Antigua for a large audience of Guatemalan actors.   The energy and enthusiasm displayed by these young leaders was a clear sign to me that they had found something special in being part of a theater production.   Cristian Beltran, led these youth to a achieve their goal and gave them the best gift anyone can give–the realization that they can achieve anything they put their mind to.

Cristian Beltran with The San Andres Theatre Group at Rehearsal.

I take the same lesson with me.


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