Work in Progress

Well, it is the end of June and San Salvador sure feels like home already.   I have began to upload some pieces to my Vimeo site so that people can take a look, however I must warn that much of the stuff posted recently and that I will post in the next week or so is work in progress – this is the easiest way for myself and my clients (i.e. ArtCorps) to give feedback on the work and for me to edit them further.

I have edited a short teaser for the “Art for Change” documentary – however I find myself unsatisfied with it.   It needs a lot of work.   I just want to get the buzz starting if not for others but for myself only.

I have also edited a short promotional video for ArtCorps focusing on two spanish artists living in Honduras.

I hope you enjoy these videos.   I hope to do some new work soon with some bands here in San Salvador making some music videos for them if they decide they want to.   I will keep that situation updated!


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