Location Scouting – Los Nadie

The last few weeks have been a huge leap forward in pre-production efforts for my first feature-length production “Los Nadie”. I will be posting the synopsis up in the next week or so along with various other tidbits so you can get a solid idea of the story. A week ago, in northern Guatemala in an area of Central America designated as the Mayan Biosphere Reserve myself, Cristian Beltran (director and author) and Elmer Pinzon, 1st assistant director of the production, visited Uaxactun, a rural community located about 45 minutes north of Tikal national park – the famous Mayan ruins that draw millions of tourists a year to this part of the country (and that featured in Star Wars).

The surrounding rainforest of Uaxactun is one of the cleanest, unspoiled, and enchanted forests I have ever seen. We spent the entire day trekking around, of course with permission from the proper authorities – Uaxactun is an important archeological site and has struggled for a long time to attract tourists as Tikal has however has failed to do so because of its distance and accessibility. We snapped some photos of various locations that we will be using for filming of Los Nadie both in the town itself and in the forest. The heat was intense although crept up slowly due to the morning shade of the huge trees and once the permanent humidity of the forest floor rose a few feet into the still dank air, the mosquitoes gave us their confirmation for the production of the film. They made sure we knew that we would need to be on our toes all day. They are monsters and there are billions of them.

Here are a few of the photos we shot of various locations in Uaxactun…


One response

  1. Cristian Beltrán

    Si las ruinas de Tikal fueron escenario de Star Wars, El bosque encantado de Uaxactún será mostrado al mundo como el major escenario, la casa de Los Nadie.

    August 28, 2010 at 10:14

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