Travel Show “Working Title”

Hosts of the show sitting under the moonlight at Jungle Beach in Vietnam.

It is quickly approaching one month on the road for the crew of the new travel show “Where to Next”. I was contracted as the director of photography (camera man) for the pilot episodes of the show. The shows premise is real travel geared towards baby boomers and we hope to create a more in depth experience for viewers. Instead of one episode highlighting a few spots in a country – we hope to shoot as many as 4 or 5 episodes per country, getting lost, finding our way, meeting extraordinary people and really getting into the culture.

Vietnam is our first country and in a couple days we will be crossing into Cambodia for a short 10 day stint. The pilot episodes will hopefully get us the interest we are looking for and we hope to take this show around the world. The hosts of the show, Ted McNamee and Henry and Deborah Kamphuis (executive producers) – are Canadians in their 50’s. Ted and Deborah are brother and sister and Henry is Deborah’s husband. The dynamics between them while traveling will help give the show a narrative and drive the adventure. It is a journey for them as well as myself, not just of geographical proportions, but of cultural, and spiritual ones as well.

Stay tuned for more info and of course, the pilot episodes!!


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